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The Africa Project and Tournament Mission

Since the year 2001-2002 the Rotary Club of Salerno is committed to the promotion of an humanitarian project in favour of a medical centre in Africa.
The first target was the renovation of the TBC department in the Hospital of Lacor, near the city of Gulu, Northern Uganda.
The Hospital of Lacor, founded in 1961 by Dr. Pietro Corti, Italian, and his wife Dr. Lucille Teasdale, Canadian, thanks to the dedication of the founders and of many volunteers, is the only medical centre able to face the dramatic health emergencies occurring in Northern Uganda.
The renovation of the TBC department of Lacor’s Hospital was accomplished in 2004, thus allowing the resumption of the medical activities in that section of the Hospital. However, from the beginning it was clear to the Rotary Club of Salerno that the Africa Project should not be exhausted with this first step, but should continue expanding its scope to the field of high level medical education of local people. The chance to complete the project was given in 2004 by the institution of the new School of Medicine of Gulu University, with the close collaboration of the University of Naples - Federico II, Italy. The aim of the new School of Medicine was to educating more medical doctors improve the level of medical assistance in the area and to increase the ability to face effectively the social and medical emergencies in that area. [to be continued]

The Africa Project

Support Africa Project

Support Africa Project and take part in the development of the teaching activities of the new School of Medicine of Gulu. Your contribution will help acquiring instruments and furniture for a teaching Laboratory (Medilab) fully equipped to promote learning and practical abilities of the students of the School of Medicine. Click here and discover how you can make a donation.