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Registration is admitted exclusively for members who joined Rotary or Rotaract before April, 26 2007. The member’s code can be provided by the Secretary of your Club. The ITFR World Championship is reserved exclusively for ITFR members. You can subscribe ITFR filling in the form on the ITFR web site: please click here; otherwise you can subscribe ITFR at the Fellowship Desk when check-in on September, 8 2007. In any case you are kindly requested to subscribe ITFR on-line as soon as possible in order to ensure a quick check-in.

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The Championship is an amateur tournament and is exclusively reserved to rotarians and rotaractors not included in national and international federal circuits. You are recommended to read attentively the “PTR Evaluation Scale” on this link and to enter a reliable PTR evaluation in order to allow the correct filling of the draws.

The undersigned requests to subscribe the “3rd ITFR World Tennis Championship” and to be admitted in the following categories:
Men’s Singles [euro 60,00]
Women’s Singles [euro 60,00]
Men’s Doubles [euro 30,00]
Women’s Doubles [euro 30,00]
Mixed Doubles [euro 30,00]
Players are reminded that the age for the inclusion in each billboard is calculated on the subscription’s expiry date (July, 19 2007). Each player can request to be admitted in more than one category; the participation fee must be paid for each category. Before compiling the draws the tournament organisation will match by lot the players who do not have a partner with other available players.

By sending the registration form the undersigned accepts the whole content of the Official Rules of the Championship, which he/she declares to have read and understood and binds himself/herself to pay the registration fee at the check-in desk.

The undersigned also declares to be in order with the rules of the sports health protection, without any liability on the organisation’s part in case of accidents occurred during the tournament. As sports accidents may occur, the player are advised to take out an insurance policy to cover the risks of the sports game during the championship.
According to the Italian law d.lg. 196/03 (Privacy Code) the undersigned authorises the use of his/her personal data entered in the present form for the purposes related to the event.

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