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Salerno Photo Gallery - A selection of photos of the city and of its monuments. Click here. Salerno Cathedral - A selection of photos of Salerno cathedral. Click here. Arechi Castle  - Photo tour of Arechi Castle (3...[to be continued]

First route 1 Ancient magistrate’s court (Copeta palace), Via T. De Ruggiero2 Tasso National Boarding School, Via T. De Ruggiero3 Conforti Palace, Via Tasso4 Fruscione Palace, Largo S. Pietro a Corte5 Annunziatella Church, Via ...[to be continued]

In this section we signal some interesting links in order to consult some tourist guides, journeys and tourist institutes of Salerno:Turismo Regione Campania – La Salerno turistica – Ente Provinciale per il Turismo Salerno – Azienda Soggiorno e...[to be continued]

Carabinieri112Corps of Forests and Ambient Emergency1515Customs Officer117Police113Sanitary Flying Squad800885666Marine salvage1530Sanitary Assistance118Road Assistance ACI116Firemen 115Municipal Policemen - Flying Squad800-890033...[to be continued]