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Presentation of the book "Tennis in postcards"

Author: Beppe Russotto - Publisher: Arti Grafiche Boccia s.p.a.


"Modern tennis officially began in 1874. Around the same time, the illustrated postcard started to enjoy a spectacular growth phase in which landscapes and city sights were reproduced by the thousands. But with the decline in initial appeal came the need to find new subjects to put on the cards. For sheer variety of subject matter, the illustrated postcard is unparalleled. So it was only logical that the novelty game of tennis, too, would match up with postcards from the early days to today. With the illustrated postcards shown in this book we have traced a century-long history of tennis, exploring the game in all of its diverse aspects. The story covers the major themes in a choice selection of postcards with artistic appeal".

Beppe Russotto

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