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Introduction to Salerno


Salerno and its province are part of a region called Campania, in southern Italy. The town lays by the Gulf of Salerno (Thyrrenian Sea) and is 56 km far from Naples and 269 km far from Rome. For detai...[to be continued]

Introduction to the City Salerno is a fascinating synthesis of what the Mediterranean Sea can offer to all those who wish to get to know it closely. The city is ever more an inviting place for tourists and visitors from all over the world.In re...[to be continued]

The port of Salerno is one of the busiest in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It handles about 7 million tons of goods per year, 60% of which are containers. Most of the transports are made by container ships and “Ro-Ro”. Container ships serve mainly on lon...[to be continued]

Tourism greatly contributes to the city’s economy, thanks to the climate, mild for most of the year, and to the position of city: Salerno in fact is a kind of link between the Amalfi coast in the west and Paestum and the coast of Cilento in the sou...[to be continued]

From the 10th February to the 15th July 1944 Salerno was the capital of Italy. At the beginning of 1944 Italy from Monte Cassino to the north was still under German occupation and in these circumstances the city of Salerno was chosen as the seat of t...[to be continued]

Salerno: a beautiful and lively city by the Tirrenian Sea stretching by the coast and reaching the hills behind, between the wonderful Amalfi Coast in the west and the plain of Paestum with its amazing greek temples in the south. Salerno has various...[to be continued]

In the 9th century, during the Norman times, a School of Medicine was founded in Salerno thus being the most ancient School of Medicine of the West. The origins of the Schola Medica Salernitana lay in legend, but in it we can rec...[to be continued]